First Post, Not the First Restaurant

Dirty Frank’s Hotdog Palace

248 South Fourth Street

Columubs, Ohio

Walking into Dirty Frank’s the first thing I noticed was the lack of room. The quaint site features a very eclectic design with only about 10 tables to it’s name. Don’t let the tiny shop fool you though, the menu is anything but tiny (more on that later). The wait for us was roughly 15-20 minutes or so. Although there isn’t a true waiting area, again this isn’t a TGIF, it does have a decent size bar area where you can sit if you can find a seat. The wall offered enough interesting art and photos to keep our eyes busy while we waited, which was fun. The downside to Dirty Frank’s is the inability to call in reservations, so don’t bother.

As soon as you sit down the menu blows you away. On a tiny 5×20 inch pamphlet is loaded back and front with their food, one page completely filled with specialty dogs. What’s more interesting than the concoctions they put on the hotdog, are the names they’re given. Mike got the Ohioana and Amy’s Big Boston Dog, Devon the Classy Lady and Fancy Pants, Shayna the Timmow, and I the Fancy Pants and Amy’s. On top of dogs we ordered our a la cart apps consisting of TaterTots loaded with Cheese and Bacon, Mac&Chz, Fresh Cut Chips, and some O-rings. Alrighty so let’s dive in shall we?

The Dogs were great! Devon gave her Classy Lady, covered in cheese and crushed potato chips,  a solid Whole Week rating! The Fancy Lady, with whole gerkins, was a Wednesday for her but let me tell you it was a Friday for me. The whole gerkins gave the dog a vast crunch that I couldn’t help but enjoy. Mike’s Ohioana, ingredients forgotten, was a Saturday favorite for him and him and I both agreed the Amy’s Boston was a solid Friday. The Boston Dog consisted of Baked Beans and Onions: very tasty, but pretty standard. Overall the winner for the night was the Fancy Lady. Potato chips on hotdogs seems ridiculous, but shocked us at how amazing the combination was! “Simple, but simply perfect” – Devon. The apps were good. The taters were the table favorite, but they were all pretty standard. Although I wouldn’t recommend the fries.

Now let’s talk about drinks for a moment. I’m not yet 21 so I’ll have to leave the tastings to the rest of the Days. The draft beers were low on selection, about 7, but the variety was great. They were as eclectic as the walls, which is a bonus for us since we love to try new things. They had a stout that was good, some Great Lakes bottles, and one of Devon’s old favorites: Troggs.

Down to the “Dayssert”! Although Jeni’s Ice Cream was offered, we went the baklava and funnel cake route. The Baklava was a standard serving. Somewhat small but only about dollar and since Baklava is so sweet it was more than enough. The Funnel cake was where it was at though. They do it different at Dirty Frank’s and instead of a cake they serve it as fries. Not only was it new to us, it made perfect sense. The fries were easy to share and just as great as the Fair Funnel Cakes we all remember. Save room for the Funnel Fries, we gave them a Friday!

Overall the place was great. Near enough meters so whenever you go the walk isn’t bad, and the food was great (also great for sharing). The downside was the wait and the fact you can’t call in reservations, but apparently it was an abnormally busy Thursday night so we can’t hold that against them. The value was great too! Each person gets a beer, an appetizer, two dogs, and dessert for about 15 bucks! (not including tip) Great work Dirty Frank’s, we give you a Friday!

(No review on the Bathrooms, none of us needed to use them)

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