The Movie Tavern…

… putting a new meaning to dinner and a show!

Firstly let me start off by alerting you all Devon was not able to attend tonight’s dinner, but she has been here many times before so she didn’t miss out too much.

The Movie Tavern

3773 Ridge Mill Drive

Hilliard, Ohio

We will discuss the show but the more important point of this blog is the food so let’s dive in, shall we? The menu was as expected: Pub Food including some pizzas and handy desserts. We started off with a round of Deep Fried Pickles and some Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls. The pickles were fine but I’ve had better. They seemed too detached from the breading, although I’m not a deep-fried pickle expert I think it shouldn’t slide off like melting ice cream. Do not fret too much though for they are only for a limited time. The Egg Rolls however were phenomenal! The combination of black beans, corn, chicken, and probably something else was great even without the sauce. In fact they were so good they influenced Mike’s decision on his dinner.

He had the Southwest Chicken Salad which was good, but again what we all expected (Bar Food). Shayna had the Fish & Chips but didn’t like the sweetness to the batter (The real Fish & Chips are at Claddagh Irish Pubs). I had the King Kong Burger, another I believe that was there for a limited time, also just as expected. I guess what we’re trying to say is that the food definitely isn’t bad but you’re not going to rush to the Movie Tavern to pick up some grub. Although it’s not like I’m going to go there after dinner to avoid the meal. It was fine. The food was a Wednesday for us all.

Oh, and we closed off with some milkshakes which were actually quite good for what we were expecting. (I recommend the strawberry)

Alright now let’s talk about the experience because I’m sure a lot of you, like I, haven’t been to a Movie/Dinner place before. The movie theatre is almost like any other except you have small tables in front of you and some more space in between you and the person in front, so you don’t have to worry about spilling on them. Your order is taken ahead of the movie start, although not necessary, and the food is brought out to you throughout the show. In case of an emergency, like you’re low on Coke, there are tiny red buttons that alert a server to come to you at which point you can possibly order dessert or ask for a side of mayo. The waitress we had was extraordinary and very polite although we were never introduced so I can’t tell you her name.

As far as the distractions during the movie, very minimal. Although small children may be a different story, everyone was very good about ordering quietly during the show and I hardly noticed anyone eating around me. The largest distraction was honestly myself and wanting to look down at my food during a pivotal part (I chose not to eat at those moments). As for the lighting, don’t worry you can still see what you’re grabbing. There are dim lights recessed above your tables, allowing just enough light to make sure you’re not eating a straw wrapper.

For the movie we chose Alice and Wonderland in 3D. Oh yes they have 3D! It’s by no means an IMAX theatre but I was impressed with the quality. In the end we give the food a Wednesday but the experience a Friday. Nowhere else, that I know of, can you get a movie with your dinner and have the food tasting good at a fair price. We will definitely go back at some point, most likely on our own though with our own set of friends. Good work Movie Tavern.

Happy Munching Everyone!

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