Surly Girl Saloon

Surly Girl Saloon, 1126 North High Street, Columbus Oho

Rated as having the best “bar food” in Columbus in 2010

This week we were 3 – one of the brood was at spring break in Panama City, Florida. (what, you think he’d go to the real Panama on a college expense account?) Tough assignment but as the only one still in college it was required (unless nursing school counts as college except that is too intense to allow a week of brain-cell-killing indulgences required at spring break)

Nice beer selection and most listing Alcohol By Volume (ABV). We sampled several different beers including Harpoon UPO Wheat (un-filtered offering), Brasserie de Rocs Grand Cru (9.5% ABV and brewed by a woman-owned brewery in Belgium) and Piraat Belgian Strong (triple IPA 10.5% ABV). All were interesting but the Grand Cru was the favorite.

Appetizers included the Slap Your Bottom Rean Bean Hummus and Frito Pie (Oh, did we mention they had some fun naming items on their menu). Frito Pie was good. However it was not served in a Frito bag like those I first sampled from Woolworth’s on the plaza in downtown Santa Fe in 1968 (when Taco Bell still had the Bellburger on the menu). The Red Bean Hummus is a clear winner that had great flavor and a nice little kick (nothing to scare off if you have a sensitive mid-western palate). The hummous is served with celery, baby carrots, sliced tomatoes and cucumber and wedges of pita bread.

Main courses included 2 pizza’s and a sandwich – we did say the Surly Girl was rated best bar food. All pizzas are generous personal size 8 inch diameter pies. We samples the BLT and The Surly Girl pizzas and The Cool Columbus Veggie sandwich and tried a bowl of the Traditional Meaty Chili. Favorite for all 3 of us was the Surly Girl pizza which, direct from their menu, is “crumbled gorgonzola, 6 cheese blend, dried cranberries, red onions and pecans drizzled with our balsamic vinaigrette”. It was served on a thin crust and was almost sweet – FANTASTIC. Probably should have opted for the companion piece, the Surly Girl Salad with the same base ingredients instead of the chili. While the chili was good and had plenty of meat it had very little bite and was almost too sweet for chili. Recomendation on the sandwich would be to NOT toast the bread. It was great but the wheat bread was so thick-cut and solid (both good) when you toast it you need a mouth the size of a cartoon character to eat it gracefully (the Tasmanian Devil comes to mind)

Dessert offering is Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and their “cupcake of the day” which for us was carrot cake. The Red Velvet cupcake was good but the carrot cake was even better, great spice choices by the kitchen staff.

Place was small but very comfortable – most of the tables are “high tops” which saves space and we personally like for a night out like this. Go to their web page to get a full range of activities and entertainment offerings (aerobics and open mic nights) in their back room, The Parlour. Surly Girl’s Homepage

Great place, great food and sprits and up there with Chili Verde on the Day-ly Fare ranking.

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