Buck-I-Bagels and Deli

Buck-i-Bagels (and Deli)
1990 North High Street

Alright, so not an actual dinner place and I didn’t go with the family but I haven’t posted in a while (although I still have a lot of restaurants to write about) so here’s a little make up.

Located on OSU Campus and “Home of the Hot, Steamy Bagel,” this tiny dive has everything you could ask for… on a bagel. Ten different bagels, including French Toast and Sun-dried Tomato, and seven different creme cheeses give enough variety to the standard Bagel-n-Creme. However they also turn bagels into “Bagelwiches” and numerous yummy breakfast selections.

I went with a few friends and we each got a breakfast bagel. I got the Southern: Scrambled Egg, bacon, and American cheese heated and wrapped in foily goodness. My friend got the same with Lettuce and Tomatoe (gotta have your veggies) and the other lady got a Western: the same thing but with Ham. They do have sandwiches though with soooo many combination choices it’s almost endless. (Actually if you got a Bagelwich with one meat, one cheese, two toppings and a single bagel the options are upwards of 39,000 different options)

It’s a nice mom & pop feel usually staffed with friendly college kids. And at only $5 for a Baglewich and a Soda it’s a nice cheap lunch alternative to my usual Subway. I highly recommend this new spot!

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