Tip Top Kitchen & Maybe Not The Cocktails…

Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails

73 East Gay Street, Columbus


The first dinner in a while we’ve had together as a family was located in the heart of downtown. The concrete jungle paved opening to a tiny hole in the wall restaurant named “Tip Top” (you’ll know it by the cherries). I was recommended here by UrbanSpoon actually, and another friend who told me I HAD to try the Grilled Cheese. It seems my Vegetarian friends eat the same thing all the time, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Well I ‘m getting off topic already aren’t I?

The place is small, gives the feeling of a pub. The staff gives it that feeling too: very friendly but relaxed and front. I enjoyed it. After discussing our week and vacations, we decided on some appetizers. I eyed down the Corn Fritters, which were pretty good. The texture was nice although I would have liked a little more corn flavor. It’s a tiny one too so don’t expect to share it with too many people if you do enjoy it. The Slap Your Bottom Red Bean Hummus was a popular choice from Surly Girl Saloon that I missed out on so we re-ordered. Again, very tasty but nothing too out of the ordinary. The real winner in the beginning was the Eggplant Fries with a Bloody Mary dipping sauce. I’ve never tried eggplant before and because of my aversion to most veggies I was nervous, but these crispy little things were delicious. They reminded me of deep fried cucumber but with a little more squishy texture. I realize “Squishy” doesn’t sound appetizing but I assure you it is. The sauce was alright, but we ended up devouring the fries without it. Hands down, if you go to Tip Top grab some Eggplant Fries.

A side plus was there were many options for Vegitarians here. Although no one in our dining party follows that lifestyle, it’s nice to point out. The dinners were all pretty par. I grabbed the Ohio Style Monte Cristo – to compare it to my Claddagh Irish Pub style favorite. It was unique, and the honey mustard added gives the sandwich it’s own flair but nothing to write home about. All the meals were the same. Devon grabbed the Grilled Cheese, “good but just a grilled cheese.” Dad grabbed the Brautwerst, nothing fancy, and Shayna tried the meatloaf (we’re really becoming meatloaf connoisseurs) to the same extent: fine. I think we came in expecting the food to be as eclectic and unique as the location, but even the reviews say it’s a simple and sweet american menu. So although there was no dinner to rave about, that may just be their goal. It was good.

And of course, we are the Days, we save room for our dessert (two s’s because you go back for seconds). We sampled the brownies and apple pie, no special names. The Brownies were in form with the rest of the food, fine, but the apple pie was DE-licious! One of the best I’ve had in a long time. I don’t know if it was just a good night for the bakers because it almost didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the food, it literally was amazing! Highest Recommendation. So if you go to Tip Top, what do you get? You get the hell out. No, you get the Eggplant Fries and Apple pie.

Oh but wait Days, it’s called Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails. Well to be quite honest, don’t bother. The beer selection was decent but the names of the cocktails far outweighed the flavor. The girls sampled two, “The Jungle Jack Hannah – with Tiger (while in stock)” they were out of tiger, and “The Alex P. Keitch.” No clue. The funniest was the “SkyBus – comes with a courtesy Thrown in Your Face if you wish.” Funny names, average drinks.

Overall this place seemed to emanate Ordinary. The staff was friendly and eager to find us a table, and there was nothing really to complain about. It’s a nice place to go, but don’t expect more.

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